Photos by: @Peggy.Chill

Photos by: @Peggy.Chill

Photos by: @Peggy.Chill

Photos by: @Peggy.Chill

Photos by: Peggy.Chill


Dots is a San Diego born and raised artist. Influenced heavily by her hardworking and extremely creative Mother, Nana, the street artists around her city and friends. Dots challenges herself in many differerent mediums to create magic that people of all backgrounds can experience, interpret, and enjoy.


Through my art, Ive learned to love and appreciate myself as well as, learning to accept the magic of my art. Challenging myself each time i set forth on a new creative journey has allowed me to spread positivity through my art. My goal is to connect with a vast variety of artists who choose to spread their magic through art. I hope to use my artistic connections to help others in "Connecting the Dot" not just within my community, but OUR community, all around the world. Everything starts with a dot...

Special Gracias

If I sat here and tried to thank every single person that has joined me on my art journey I'd be here for days on end! 

So, with that said i'll keep it simple.

Thank You to my creative ass Mom and supportive Dad, Nana and Tata, my familia, and my dudes and homegilrls killing the game out here in San Diego, keep pushing yo! We're doing it!

And most importantly, thank you Bear. Thanks for always pushing me to do my best, keeping it real as hell, and for being there for me when I wanted to quit.


Its only gonna get crazier from here, and I hope you join my adventure!